Gmunden to Sankt Wolfgang

I am sitting having “high tea” at the Landhaus zu Appesbach. I don’t know where to begin! Those of us who are mutual friends of Dr Michelle Kiley, will immediately understand my comment that she would approve, unreservedly!

Just as I found an unexpected delight in an hotel with a renowned Austrian chef/cook in Gmunden, so using I decided on this establishment based on location and “best price for 3 nights”! Well again it’s a very unexpected but welcomed boutique hotel .

The word “boutique” should say it all!

A condensed version of its web site is as follows:

“This private country estate is located directly on the shore of Lake Wolfgang, a 10-minute walk from the centre of Sankt Wolfgang. Landhaus zu Appesbach features a gourmet restaurant, a private beach, and a large garden with English-style lawns.

Built in 1912, Landhaus zu Appesbach offers classic-style rooms with luxury interiors. Most have lake views.”

Mine doesn’t but who cares!

I remember that on my last cycle day on Ireland on the Ring of Kerry, it was a dismal wet,windy, cold day and so I was in heaven when I cycled up, freezing to death, to a “boutique” hotel that had the ambience of the Manor House! I was met by the Irish equivalent of “Deidre” and Devonshire tea! There was a Master and a couple of Labradors too I recall.

Today was also overcast and drizzling rain, despite wet weather gear, I did feel the cold a little – that burning tingling feeling in the extremities! But it’s better to keep cycling as the physical effort burns the calories and helps with warmth. Constant irritations were my shoes and socks were drenched and my spectacles were constantly fogged up and covered in rain drops…. Life gets tedious, don’t it? Well its not sitting in a BMW with windscreen wipers and the AC on auto.

Anyway, the sense of déjà vue was immediate when, dripping and bedraggled I clipped my way in cleats to reception. The young female receptionist, immediately stated she would switch on the sauna and that after I may care to join other guests for “coffee and cake” in the drawing room”! Yes please! I looked around for some Lederhosen, but none in sight.

I have reserved a table tonight at the restaurant….. My financial planner tells me I have made thousands of dollars profit the day after Abbott was elected. And I did not even vote for the bastard!


Setting out from Gmunden with the lake always on my left.


The lake is still on my left!


Another unique and amazing ride. This is obviously an “old highway” now dedicated for cyclists. It has the same sense of the old freeway ride in Adelaide.


Wet weather gear, still did not prevent my clothes from getting moist! I may walk into St Wolfgang and check out Lederhosen.


The room at the hotel in St Wolfgang. One knows its boutique when there are soft fluffy bathrobes and slippers! Actually it reminded me a little of the Hotel Victoria in Meiringen, Switzerland.


The Landhaus zu Appesbach. And yes that is a Jaguar stationwagon parked out front. I told you it was another Manor Born!


The view from my balcony


A panorama shot so may turn out funny – from the hotel “beach”!

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  1. The lake views are reminiscent of our stay in Switzerland and the views riding around the lakes. Such perfect countryside.


  2. I appreciate you may be geographically challenged, but you did not vote for him because you are not in Mr. Abbott’s electorate.


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