Well it was intermittently sunny! Leiden is a University town and today Wednesday was market day by the Rhine  – a rest day not that we needed a rest! The cycling has not been arduous! 

Pamela has a wardrobe malfunction

the Dutch only do hard cheese . Pamela has a poke to prove it

Pamela needed a steadying hand

It’s soooo quaint!

The hotel at Leiden I described as reminiscent of Fawlty Towers. I am NOT complaining but the two photos below surely demonstrate why the rooms appealed to a baby boomer like me! 

Can you pick the lavatory chain? enlarge it!

the latest in HD entertainment centres and bedside clock radio. The last time I saw this gear was in 1965 when we stayed as a family at the Motel Dimboola

Bloemendaal to Leiden

The third day promised a route through a national park thence several kilometres of long beach shores, shirting along scrubby sand dunes then inland following canals often with huge industrial complexes and finally into the university town of Leiden. It threatened rain all day thankfully it held off till about 7 km from our destination then pelted down for 15 minutes so we had lunch from a supermarket under the awning. 

The dutch version of the Gold Coast equally depressing

The City Hotel Nieuw Minerva is really quite quaint reminiscent in its decore of Fawlty  Towers! 

Volendam to Bloemendaal

The day dawned wet and rather miserable. It was therefore a  less than enjoyable 65 km trip, flatness not withstanding. The delightful Dutch lass who served us coffee around 11am pronounced confidentially that the rain would finish at 4pm and the sun would shine, which it did at 4:01 precisely. The village of Edam a mere 10 km into our day’s journey was delightful.

the more astute will see that this is the same picture as above , but with bridge up


The day remained delightfully sunny and cool – ideal weather to cycle. Our hotel had the feel of a cross between a country club and RSL casino!  This is my bedroom 

As it turned out this Sunday was the annual village fair! The older male generation dressed in the typical black sailors pantaloons! The younger  generation in tank tops. Irrespective of age all were making serious efforts to finish the day inebriated. The village  is quite touristy.

beautiful petunias

Tegel airport 

I had forgotten the hell that is Hall D of Tegel airport Berlin 

This queue is simply waiting to check in! The futility of “on-line” check in is obvious! One may as well bounce one’s bum on the moon. It should be renamed to “in-line” check in

 Berlin and Amsterdam 

A few pictures of Berlin and Amsterdam. Berlin i visited three years ago whilst it was 40 years ago for Amsterdam! 

the Berlin Dom

interior of the cathedral


Has it  changed in 40 years… I can’t remember! 

looking across the canal from the Rikjmuseum

I am sure that Juliet owned a bicycle! eveyone else does.

the oldest church in Amsterdam !