Tegel airport 

I had forgotten the hell that is Hall D of Tegel airport Berlin 

This queue is simply waiting to check in! The futility of “on-line” check in is obvious! One may as well bounce one’s bum on the moon. It should be renamed to “in-line” check in

 Berlin and Amsterdam 

A few pictures of Berlin and Amsterdam. Berlin i visited three years ago whilst it was 40 years ago for Amsterdam! 

the Berlin Dom

interior of the cathedral


Has it  changed in 40 years… I can’t remember! 

looking across the canal from the Rikjmuseum

I am sure that Juliet owned a bicycle! eveyone else does.

the oldest church in Amsterdam !

A Deafening Silence 

Where am I? Have my creative juices dried up? Let me reassure you that is not the case! The reason is quite simply summarised in the two pictures. Firstly the Congress, which, being a very ethical human being as the reader will immediately acknowledge, I am attending with religious ferver. 

Secondly was the excited anticipation of my repaired Alto Recorder waiting for me at the Hotel Brandies the day of my arrival. In true Germanic style is was indeed handed to me as I checked in. I have been practicing with gay abandon every spare minute.

Berlin A musical day

The opening morning of the conference was excellent value and was clinically relevant at least to me, the afternoon offering less so. I excused myself at lunch and walked to the Museum of Musical Instruments (Musikinstrumenten-Museum) via The Tiergarten. 

This is an huge Park in central Berlin. Surely I was dreaming when from the lush tropical forest beside the track I heard the by now familiar tones of a Treble Recorder. It was moreover being played by an expert. I cautiously left the path and as quietly as possible navigated towards the music. There he was : an old man dressed in black and happily playing a baroque piece with trills and ornamentations worthy of any professional. He finished the piece with a flourish. I spontaneously applauded, he laughed with surprise and we chatted, confirming he had being playing since a child. I confessed that I was an old man playing like a child. 

Thence to the Museum and its well worth a visit. Harpsichords and pianoforte abound. Invest in the audio guide and you will hear musical examples on the actual instruments.

Finally as my iPhone confirmed i had walked 37km, i went to the nearby Italian Trattoria and had s pizza which the menu boasts are 34 cm tall. 

Another holiday!

Adelaide to Berlin 

Adelaide airport at dawn

In May 2016 the Gulf airline Qatar commenced services from Adelaide to Doha. I jumped ship from Emirates at the behest of my travel agent: Bargain tickets, the latest and greatest Airbus : A350, and finally the lure of the latest greatest airport. These incongruous Gulf cathedrals of capitalism are truely the Westerners’ Mecca. 

Doha airport – its Emirates – same same

Anyway the Qatar A350 was smooth, quiet and fast! We had a strong tailwind and arrived a full hour ahead of time! You can imagine my ecstasy! An extra hour of a potential duty free shopping. 

one of the numerous club lounges – Doha

I can’t fathom why at least three Gulf Countries thousands of kilometres from civilisation in a sea of sand, have become hubs of aviation, attracting millions of transit travellers including me! 

Now safely in my hotel in Berlin.

And what was waiting for me? My beloved Recorder with a new head block!