The Alan Jones Apology

Some in the media, politicians of obvious side and the public, criticise the PM for not apparently accepting Alan Jones apology. What she did was not take his call. Neither would I in the same situation. It is not indicative of failure to accept an apology. It is a further measure of the man’s arrogance . Why should the PM take his call?

The most genuine response would be a personal hand written letter

“Dear Prime Minister,

I apologies unreservedly to you and your mother for my remarks about the death of your father.

Yours sincerely

Alan Jones”

I am convinced the PM response would be a hand written personal letter:

“Dear Mr Jones?

I accept your apology.

Yours sincerely

Julia Gillard and family”.

End of story

Questions and lies for a misogynist

There is no doubt in my mind that Australian men, in general, are misogynists. The simply can’t cope with a woman on top. Tony Abbott is no exception, in fact he is, along with our journalists, the archetypal misogynist.

There are 3 obvious lies made by Tony Abbott: ” I will dismantle the NBN, I will revoke the mining tax, I will revoke the carbon tax, when elected”.

Or to put it another way : ” there will be no NBN, mining tax or carbon tax under my government”

He knows these statements are untrue! Yet not one of our so called professional journalists ask him the fundamentally obvious questions ! With what will you replace the NBN? How will you make up the shortfall in finances?

Don’t accept platitudes in reply!

Abbott to sell his arse

According to Tony Windsor, during negotiations between major parties after the last election and an hung parliament, Tony Abbott implored rhe independents that he would do anything to achieve government, including agreeing to a price on carbon. He would not however sell his arse! Me thinks that if the polls suggested overwhelming support for gay relationships and marriage, that Abbott would bend over backwards and even sell his arse?