Mandatory Viewing for the homophobes




This sublime, joyful and uplifting movie from Brazil should be viewed in the parliamentary  offices of Senator Bernadi and George Christensen. The supreme irony of this latter individual is that the word “christen”  should part of his surname.

If you  are Australian, the movie is available to watch on “SBS on Demand”.


Grandma seems to be getting better!

Today she ate a full evening meal! Rissoles and mashed potato then diced peaches! The  video is not  the best quality! Bloody iPhone 4

This video doesn’t exist

The only wild life at my house!


Actually I also have many frogs! They are very noisy but in a delightful way. The males croak at the pitch of A natural,the females at B flat! Should there be such a thing as a homosexual frog then I suspect it would go between A Natural and B flat in a sort of trill? 

It must be Easter

A burst of pink. Amaryllis Lillies also known as Easter Lillies because they typically flower at or near Easter.

They have suddenly all blossomed in my back yard in the last week.

The  other pictures show me crossing the Finish Line at Victor Harbor in the 2016 TDU! Totally unrelated to pink flowers but I had to have something else to boast about.





The Amy Gillet Cycle Path

Another great week of cycling in Adelaide during the Tour Down Under. The week begins with the Ride Like Crazy – and as always ideal Spring weather and the usual 104 km ride though the hills the initial path involves cycling up the Freeway which is part closed for the event.  Before that a group of friends rode the Amy Gillet Cycle Path in Barossa Valley. It now more than 30 km of dedicated (off road) path that mostly follows the old railway line!  Pictures taken on this balmy Summer Sunday show it all. If you CLICK on each photo it will enlarge and you can have a slide show!