I Am Out of Here!

The pages of my passport wallpapered with Chile entry and exit stamps. My last exit was painless.

95 countries do NOT require a visa to enter Chile, except Australia – I blame ScoMo.

I wandered back through the Santiago arrival hall hoping to perhaps recognise the bastard who approached me on arriving. Then I went to the car park area where I was met, I would have recognised the car as it was a black BMW sedan with a dent on the off side rear. No joy. Then the penny dropped: the man who greeted me and then apparently phoned the hotel, in truth was phoning the driver! So he said something along the lines of “ quickly drive to the car park waiting areas, I am bringing a victim”!

I am sitting in the LATAM VIP lounge, the Qantas flight from Sydney has literally just touched down as I write, on time. Two more humans travelling with wagging, joyful dogs this morning! If this was Europe or the USA, I reckon the dogs would be allowed in the lounges for VIP passengers.

Now boarding.