One very thirsty Koala

The temperature in Adelaide will reach 42 degrees C the next two days and whilst it’s quaint to see this in my very own back yard, it does indicate that the Koala is dehydrated and stressed and it is not natural or normal for the Koala to drink water

This video doesn’t exist

Travel: backwards and forwards


I had a pair and it NEVER worked out that way for me.




NOW….. here I am at about age 15, I had ears that stuck out as much as did Prince Charles. I can truthfully state I did NOT lust after Peter Smith, I was a member of the Temnora Senior Mens 110 yards relay team, at age 15.

A Picture is worth a 1000 words

It is summer 2019and our swimming squad moves from it’s winter Home at the North Adelaide Aquatics Center to the unique outdoor 55 yards swimming pool in Norwood. Those of you who know me well  “I practice what I preach”. As a medical profession I remain concerned about the social consequences of poor physical activity, increasing obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

In a remarkable Black and white photograph of the city baths in the 1950s. Here it is.


The take a message is obvious can you pick the overweight child? In fact there are two messages firstly the swimming pool is a hive of activity of children enjoying themselves outside at play and secondly they are are thin –  looking a little underweight if anything.

There  also a delightful poster, again from around that time or possibly a little later illustrating water safety and I can relate to that myself. People of my generation would have been avid participants in the Royal lifesaving Society program and I completed quite quickly the bronze and silver medallion


Why do my thighs ache?

It’s Sunday! A day of rest! Saturday was the usual cycle day…


The BEST rhubarb pastry in all of South Australia … at Uraidla.  The one drawback is that one needs to cycle 20 km to order one