The Singular Hotel

Beautiful historical buildings reminiscent of the warehouses at Port Adelaide In , part of the processing factory

The Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego (SETF; Spanish: Company for the exploitation of Tierra del Fuego) was a historically important company operating within the Chilean and Argentine region of Patagonia It was founded in 1893 and cultivated over 1 million hectares (2.5×106acres) land for sheep farming and private factories like Puerto Bories to process, freeze and export sheep meat.

The above cut and paste is from Wikipedia. This hotel has been remarkably created within the original Puerto Bories processing, freezing, and exporting sheep meat mentioned above. It truly is unique, and I think that’s why it’s called the singular hotel. It has earned place in the top 100 luxury hotels around the world, although the brochure maintains it in the top 10!

The factory processed tons of sheep meat in the 1920s through I think to the 1970s. It was an amazing engineering feet using liquefied ammonia as a refrigerant, driving temperatures to – 20 degrees! There were two giant steam boilers, driven both by coal and wood to supply electricity and power to drive the compresses. These machines have been lovingly maintained and restored as part of the redevelopment of the hotel, and the best way to illustrate this is to revise pictures.

The compressors
The generators
The steam boilers room

The frozen carcasses were carried on a little steam engine ( 20 hp!) along a wharf to be loaded and shipped to Europe

The wharf – now closed as unsafe even to walk aling
The little train
Part of the huge factory upstairs space transformed into a conference, exhibition area

A view of the modern hotel rooms accommodation. A luxury health area at ground level : spa, steam room sauna, aromatherapy- you get the picture!

View from room