Why do my thighs ache?

It’s Sunday! A day of rest! Saturday was the usual cycle day…


The BEST rhubarb pastry in all of South Australia … at Uraidla.  The one drawback is that one needs to cycle 20 km to order one

From Vines to Sea

The next day, Sunday was just as delightful in terms of crisp, clear sunny Autum skies. A flat ride to the bay – Semaphore. The air was as still as a crouching tiger! You can see the beautiful red animal in the foreground

And then there were these magnificent beasts being shunted at the Railway museum. 

The train is named  “Essington Lewis”  a powerful locomotive.

The Essington Lewis

The Great Ocean ride –

A beautiful day ideal weather, a bit of wind which thankfully was either a cross wind or even better, a tail wind when ascending a few challenging hills! The climbs were vicious especially the last – but a few kilometres from the finish and as I rounded the sharp corner to see before me an incline of 16%… physiologically and more to the point, psychologically, I got off and walked as did more than half the others who were to a man, half my age! So I was not unduly ashamed. 

My one disappointed was that the route only followed the actual ocean road for the minority of the ride! I have of course travelled this road along its length at least three or four times! Once for 10 days the year that I brought my new Olmo bike only laid to rest this year – it’s carbon frame slowly turning to diamond. And a couple of times by car and then lastly by camper van about 5 years ago 

The Olmo is no more 

After my altercation with a car 3 weeks ago , I was relatively unscathed. Sadly the Olmo , which I have had I reckon for 10 years, sustained cracks in the frame! 

Upgrade time! 

It’s a Pinerello Opera! 2016 model the frame is new all other components have moved across from the Olmo. 

Exactly same geometry and goes like a rocket!


The day remained delightfully sunny and cool – ideal weather to cycle. Our hotel had the feel of a cross between a country club and RSL casino!  This is my bedroom 

As it turned out this Sunday was the annual village fair! The older male generation dressed in the typical black sailors pantaloons! The younger  generation in tank tops. Irrespective of age all were making serious efforts to finish the day inebriated. The village  is quite touristy.

beautiful petunias