The Grand Design of Joslin

It is now 12 months since my euphemistically described “man shed” has been completed and the architect somewhat tongue in cheek labelled it my music studio and I would be the 1st to deny that I am not by any stretch of the imagination a musician. I certainly love music so I’m happy to go with that label although a dear friend when she saw it last month said “this is not a studio it’s a pavilion!” To see the construction, click on the Download button.

There will be added pictures/a book of the garden ( in Spring 2020) which underwent a complete redesign, as befits the new studio. Here is a sample looking from the studio back towards the house

The setting sun

I am hoping to in the next few weeks create a blog which shows the garden in all its autumnal colours. I have just spent the last few days putting in the spring balance so there will be hopefully as well a massive colour come August and September.

The Music studio and Garden are coming together really well and I am quite pleased indeed proud of the creation… so the take home message is there is even more to come.

A Music Retreat

Earlier this year, several properties in and around Joslin came up for auction and I seriously considered making an offer as I felt that perhaps I should “downsize”. My current property in which I have lived since about 1986, is more than 120 m long and about 15,5m wide. It backs onto the linear park and the creek, it’s often called a river but that is a misnomer. Anyway, eventually I decided whilst I am still physically and mentally agile, that rather than sell my present property I would add a retreat down the back which would look over river from the back fence. I have called it my “music room” as it would certainly be space that I retreat to, to listen to music or to play my recorder. As always the pictures and plans will hopefully demonstrate the concept much more clearly than words.

Music Room1



Lots of glass. Not sure that the finished structure will have a RED roof!

The glass blocks are part of the bathroom/shower recess.


The view from the back!

It must be Easter

A burst of pink. Amaryllis Lillies also known as Easter Lillies because they typically flower at or near Easter.

They have suddenly all blossomed in my back yard in the last week.

The  other pictures show me crossing the Finish Line at Victor Harbor in the 2016 TDU! Totally unrelated to pink flowers but I had to have something else to boast about.