The Grand Design of Joslin

It is now 12 months since my euphemistically described “man shed” has been completed and the architect somewhat tongue in cheek labelled it my music studio and I would be the 1st to deny that I am not by any stretch of the imagination a musician. I certainly love music so I’m happy to go with that label although a dear friend when she saw it last month said “this is not a studio it’s a pavilion!” To see the construction, click on the Download button.

There will be added pictures/a book of the garden ( in Spring 2020) which underwent a complete redesign, as befits the new studio. Here is a sample looking from the studio back towards the house

3 thoughts on “The Grand Design of Joslin

  1. Very impressive. I love this place and can’t wait for another concert there. Some day.

    Love Caryl


  2. This is beautiful Graham! Would be lovely to see you again before too long. It was a very pleasant surprise to run into you at the pool before everything got locked down! Take care and stay well! Zhong

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