It’s been a relaxing 2 days. As it happens the hotel – the Landhotel is, as I described yesterday, a delightful establishment. It is a true hotel, not a bed and breakfast or variation there of. Moreover it is not part of a chain but family owned. Father, Mother and son – who is dressed in lederhosen! (Why does leather turn me on so?)

Moreover Ingrid Permkopf, the mother is I suspect Austria’s answer to Maggie Beer! She has published a series of books on cooking that rival the Woman’s Weekly! I only found this out today

Having decided to have a fling and eat at their restaurant last night, a reward for the 80 km ride, I was treated to a totally unexpected gourmet dining experience! I had “spinach dumplings”! Sounds ordinary but they were anything but.

Besides the food, there are a couple of criteria that mark an eatery as a cut above the rest to my mind: orders are taken rapidly, the food appears efficiently, is well presented and comes on heated plates! Well the Landhotel and Mrs Permkopf win hands down. Peter Permkopf, in his lederhosen also wins in the legs department.

Not surprisingly I ate in for the second night and on the recommendation of a buxom, bodice filling wench dressed in Austrian costume (think Julie Andrews in curtains) I had fresh grilled fish from the lake with steamed vegetables and truffled infused rice.

A pianist was playing – a medley of opera tunes.

It’s definitely the place for older Austrians from Linz (self funded retirees) to spend the weekend. The place is booked out, the car park filled with BMW, Audi and a few Skoda.

Gmunden has a castle/palace it’s claim to fame is it completely occupies a small island in the lake. There is of course a church, as always built on the high ground. I cycled a bit, took a ferry and practiced the Recorder as well as uploading my Garmin rides to date. So half indoors and half outside – weather permitting.

Tomorrow I cycle to Strobel where I plan to be based for 3 days and to make day trips unencumbered by panniers.





The 3 pics above are of the Seeschloss Ort , the castle on an island in the lake.


Street view with the church spire





A few pics from the boat trip – ferries cross the lake