Thoughts on devices, navigation and wardrobe.

Modesty prevents me claimimg expertise in navigation and orientation but if getting disarmingly disorientated is a rude teacher, then I am surely a possible pedagogue? In short as Mr Micawber might say, “I shall give my two penneth worth.

I have an iPhone 5 – incidentally as of yesterday, superseded, and a Garmin 500. That’s it! The Garmin does not navigate, but simply serves to give instant data on speed and distance. Helps with distances between 2 points, although of course Google Maps does the same and is more visual.

It provides retrospective data of where I travelled and hence how, when and where I ended up in the middle of a Sherwood Forest.

The battery life of the iPhone is notoriously dreadful. One must carrying an external power pack sufficient to provide enough juice for TWO full recharges. This is imperative if one uses the iPhone to navigate as the location services chew up the power, big time!

Of course I could do away with the Garmin altogether and use an app such as Strava as well as Google maps. Incidentally Google Maps wins over the Apple Maps, not the least reason of which is that the former has a Cycle option!

All my blogs have been created with one finger typing using the simple “notes” app on the iPhone and backed up to the “cloud”.

SIM cards.

Remove your Australian SIM card as soon as your Emirates Airbus leaves Australian soil. I suggest you tape it somewhere safe for the duration – in my case to my inner thigh.

Buy a local SIM card for each country. I usually specify that I mainly want it for “data” – if that provokes a blank or startled response, do a quick Google translate check on the word “data” in the local language, then try explaining its mostly for “Internet”! This sets things straight especially if “data” has lewd connotations in Czech.

I purchased a Czech SIM card with 1GB data valid a month for 600 Kr and in Austria a card with 2GB in a month for Euro 25. Simple! I will always use a free WiFi, if available naturally!

Breaking news! The EU are proposing that roaming charges be abolished across the EU…


A pair of walking shoes are mandatory. One can’t do with only one pair of SPD recessed cleat shoes as your universal footwear.

For a cycle holiday, only one or two pairs of underpants required – for formal occasions. The rest of the time I wear NICS and wash then out each night….well OK every second night! They dry quickly usually. I have two pairs.

Pack worn out clothes and once holiday is past half way mark, discard dirty clothes rather than wash! I am up to discarding!


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  1. It should not be modesty that prevents you claiming navigation expertise. It should be fear of going to hell for outrageously deceptive conduct should you be so brazen as to claim any navigation capacity. As against that you have little to fear if there is no God.


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