The Hluboka Castle

I had no idea that this castle was in this sleepy stop over today at Hluboka.

What a find!

The Hluboká Castle (German: Schloss Frauenberg) is considered one of the most beautiful castles of the Czech Republic and I stumbled across it by chance! In the second half of the 13th century a gothic castle was built at the site. During its history it was rebuilt several times. It was first expanded during the Renaissance period, then rebuilt into a Baroque castle at the order of Adam Franz von Schwarzenberg in the beginning of the 18th century. It reached its current appearance during the 19th century when Johann Adolf II von Schwarzenberg ordered the reconstruction of the castle in the romantic style of the Windsor Castle!

Yes you read correctly. He dictated that it should be a Windsor castle look alike!






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  1. Yes, we’ll had Pammy May been organising the trip you would not have stumbled across it by accident, it would have been on your itinerary.


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