Hluboka nad Vltavou

The words “nad Vltavou” translate as “on the Vltavou” – hence any old town “on the river”.

Pisek to Hluboka nad Vltavou

Today was warm but with a couple of rides through cool pine forests (one of which was an “I am bloody lost” experience”), it was the first day that I had to rely on a Czech cycle map. In general the route was on quiet country roads and there is a reasonably well developed and numbered cycle path system. For example I am basically following routes 1017,1016, and intermittently without realizing it 1015, 1051, 1052, 1071 and 1071A and finally a fire track in the state forest outside Vestec.

It was also this first day that I passed many cyclists out for a weekend ride. Perhaps one or two road bikes but the vast majority were hybrids or mountain style. It rivaled some of the busy cycle tracks along the linear park and was very much a family activity.

I stopped for a late lunch – at a pub/restaurant at Purkarec. I resisted the urge to photograph the Goulash! But it was a cyclists heaven – not just middle aged men on Lycra but all ages and gender!

The final 10 or so km into Hluboka was a joy! It followed the river on my left but mostly the water was not visible as I cycled along a well maintained track several metres inland and through cool tall fir trees. “Dappled” is a hackneyed word, but it really does describe the sunlight through the pines. What was exhilarating was the gentle undulations every 200m. I gained some momentum descending, especially with the extra weight of the panniers which, mostly, would get me almost to the top of the next ascent with too many gear changes, but enough to get my heart rate and a sweat, up!

Another passing observation- Czech pubs don’t “do” ice! And completely unrelated, the European wasps are just as aggressive and troublesome here as in Australia!

I had “wild boar in red wine and fresh plums” for dinner! I could try this at home, but not sure where I would source the wild boar?


A great start.. Sun shining


I defy anyone to not not get lost when one comes to an intersection with 5 roads and 2 sign posts to a town pointing in different directions – look carefully! It’s Kluky that I want to go to!!!


Something is not quite right about this serene pastoral scene. Outside Tyn nad Vltavau.


I stopped for a late lunch – at this pub/restaurant at Purkarec. It’s the Czech answer to Meadows Bakery!




My room at the L-Club Pensione at Hluboka. No idea why it’s called the L-Club’