The Garden District – New Orleans.

A delightful stroll through the district of New Orleans where the wealthy white plantation and business owners lived – whilst the African Americans and Creoles inhabited the so called French Quarter.

They had a separate cemetery – known as Lafayette cemetery

Finally a great jazz band last night and then dinner at an Italian/ Cajun cafe.

New Orleans

Lost for words, all I can do is post pictures!

The men are morbidly obese, as are their trucks.

And finally until the next pictorial blog, here is a typical Gumbo soup – the “Captain’s choice”

A literary labour of love

At last I have managed to collate photos and blog posts of my incredible journeys over the past decade into published photo books. It has been rewarding. There are still countries and places which I have visited and for which a book is missing – New Zealand and Brazil for example. A cycle trip to New Zealand in January 2019 will stimulate me to produce a book covering the three or four trips to that country over the years.