The Beagle Canal

Quite a fascinating catamaran trip up the Beagle canal . I suspect the weather was typical for the Patagonia autumn- drizzle, overcast and cold, indeed bitterly so. But lots of wildlife seabirds by the thousands, seals by the hundreds, a couple of delightful dolphins and I was fortunate to witness a whale from a distance. Then there were the penguins, predominantly Gentu and somewhat few majestic Magellans. The predominant birds were imperial cormorants – millions !!

Dawn over the freshly capped snowy mountains around Ushuaia.

I am legally in Chile!

It was not without a nervous minute as I had to explain that the new visa from Ushuaia was a NEW visa ! The officer was confused that I had entered (and left) Chile and was now re-entering the county, she assumed that the visa I handed across was the original visa and expected a multi-entry type! The cost of a tourist visa for Chile is $US 105 – if you are keen to visit this bloody state!

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