The Punta Arenas Cemetery

The Punta Areas cemetery is the number 3 tourist attraction on Trip Advisor out of about 70 things to see and do. Each to his own and as an inveterate reader of plaques and a mausoleum meanderer, I head there today. There is an entrance fee of 5000 Chilean Pesos, I extract a crisp note of the Monopoly money, buckling slightly at the knees, when as I wander aimlessly down the avenues of cypress pines, it dawns on me that it’s the equivalent of about $10. Oh well I sigh , I can’t take it with me when I die!

Some of the cypress pines!
The cenotaph of Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer

The reason for this photograph is to illustrate the Chilean english turn of phrase . For 5000 peso, the visitor is entitled to a brochure picturing and describing the more significant and usually more ornate mausoleums. It describes poor Sir Walter as being “surprised” at his death whilst on an expedition.

The “kindergarten” sector, a sober reminder of how frequent infant mortality occurred in developing countries.

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