Is it Uluru?

The Wild Horse Pass Sheraton Resort sits in an arid part of Arizona. It is the venue for the 2017 Breakthroughs in Neurology conference. No doubt this is a great facility and I am going to book in for a Spa treatment and rejuvenating facial mask rub using a very expensive “mud” of cactus sap, coyote saliva and fine particles of Arizona desert sand.

The resort has a similar ambience to the resort complex of Uluru but it comes no where near to the magic of the geography and geology of the Australian Red Centre. But I pen this before I visit the Grand Canyon national park 

Golf anyone?

2 thoughts on “Is it Uluru?

  1. Take it easy with the Cactus sap.

    “Exposure to Caper spurge latex is a rare cause of keratoconjunctivitis. It can, however, potentially lead to corneal ulceration, anterior uveitis and rarely blindness. Treatment remains largely empirical. Exposure to the milky latex can result in extreme pain requiring prompt treatment.”

    Stick with the Coyote saliva, you know where its been.


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