Madrid meandering 

 It’s 2am in Madrid, about lunchtime in Adelaide and so I sit in bed wide awake and itching to be creative, to caress and practice my Alto Recorder, but good manners dictate otherwise as well as the guest in the next door room who at reception had the distinct appearance of a still practicing Picador. My Recorder carrying pouch was no match for his leather carry bag some 6 feet long and stuffed with, I assume gleaming steel skewers of death. No fisherman he! I must remember not to wear my red scarf down to breakfast.

I am staying at the “OnlyYou” hotel Madrid great location and the bedroom is on the third floor of a refurbished establishment. A picture of the stair well sets the scene!

Hercules Piroit stayed here

The bed head is all black and studded! Hmm… is it possible that the tattooed muscular leather carrying Picador in room 309 does not work in the bull ring?


When will it end?  It’s ridiculous…

By the way, forced to buy a litre of full cream, A2 and GM free milk from Walkerville Woolworths for a cuppa before departure and as I like to read whilst I drink my tea and biscuit and being all packed, I resort to reading the milk carton! True! Have you ever read more than the nutritional table? As well as this nutrition label there is, I now assume, an equally obligatory “allergy” warning. I was at peace with my immune system, reassured that the product was gluten free and did not contain traces of nuts! But I was stunned to read the food allergy warning specifically that Woolworths full cream, A2 and GM free milk contains… Wait for it……


Would I lie to you? Incredulous! 

Such a statement more than surpasses the MacDonald’s take away coffee cup that cautions: “warning contents may be hot”! 

My universal experience with immigration and custom police (yesterday at Madrid airport was no exception) reinforces my perception that all prospective employees must demonstrate an unique ability to multitask… in slow motion. The handsome black haired gendarme gave a truely remarkable performance of stamping an empty passport page at the same time as he climaxed into a cavernous yawn. But no amateur he! For like a true professional, so synchronised was this complex motor activity that his eyes screwed tightly shut indeed I am sure never actually visualised me let alone looked in my direction!



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