Dubai  airport Again 

Some fascinating observations during the inevitable Dubai airport layover:
It’s bigger than last time a mere 6 months ago! An extra runway and a new terminal and refurbishment of the other. This was a welcome discovery as we taxied to the terminal relatively painlessly! Last year we took so long from touch down to airbridge that we has time enough for the cabin crew to serve breakfast whilst taxi-ing.

The number of B777 and A380 lined up on the tarmac is reminiscent of the hundreds of Tiger Moths that rested on the apron of the aerodromes  at the Australian Elementary Flying Training Schools during WWII

The terminal has acres of plastic wooden veneer and an enlarged smoking area thoughtfully designed and situated so that the stench of tobacco smoke permeates a considerable distance into the non smoking areas. Incidentally as a medical specialist I was amazed to learn that Chinese tax free cigarettes apparently do not cause cancer.