Wholesome New Zealand Food

The ubiquitous butter pat provided for my bread roll at the Sudima hotel in Auckland, proudly proclaimed “Tararua butter – natural New Zealand butter” with the following statement underneath: “contains milk products”. Why this apparent redundant reassurance is needed, is on par with the love of a God, which as the Bible states”passeth all understanding”. Surely it’s tautological?

Now this being New Zealand, I would comprehend immediately if it was a warning that there may be wisps of superfine merino wool or pellets of possum poo, in the pat.- somewhat analogous to the warnings on the dire consequences of consuming traces of nuts when holidaying in Queensland.

I shall call by an Auckland petrol station and check out the bags of ice, fully anticipating the following label : “Natural New Zealand Ice – contains frozen water”.

It seems that New Zealand is both passionate and paranoid about its reputation for organic, untainted food – they have a strict food labelling system. The bottle of chocolate flavoured full cream milk I had for breakfast had tick boxes on the label indicating that the product was , amongst other things, not only gluten free but meat free! The possibility that milk would contain muscle has never crossed my mind, until now!

Suddenly I have a brilliant slogan for New Zealand Diary:

New Zealand milk – only udder things, never other things”.

Pics of the bed and breakfast Decks of Paihai




A deck and the pool


My lounge room.