Who gives a faucet?

There were TWO Emirates A380 parked at Auckland airport. Forget about boat people. I calculate that is equivalent to 1280 NZ Illegals, leaving daily for Australia.

Two years ago I blogged about European hotel shower recesses or rather cabinets and how frustratingly cramped they were. Last night I set about making a cup of tea in the hotel room. This is one of the few unique and appreciated facilities in Australasian hotel/motel chains. It dawned on me that when travelling, I spend much of my time in accommodation fighting with faucets. This epiphany appeared as I wrestled with filling the kettle with water in the bathroom handbasin. I have yet to find a hotel handbasin that allows one to easily fill the kettle under the tap. In short, it never fits. One is forced to place the kettle at an angle that can only be described as obtuse and obeys the law of physics, ensuring that once past a volume of 50 mls, any excess dribbles out. I invariably have two cups of tea so 50ml is a mere thimble full.

I considered placing the kettle in the toilet bowl and flushing, but as it panned out, (apology for the pun) I resorted to turning on the shower.