Tulln to Vienna

It is a Saturday and despite the web site of the official Austrian weather bureau stating in upbeat language “good news, the persistent low pressure trough that has brought several days of cool rain and wind, is moving on”. Well not today Josephine! It was cool, tail wind and broken sun shine with rain for the last 8 km or so into Vienna. Trip distance today about 45 km.

No sign of any familiar cyclists, not even the Spaniards. However being a Saturday and 40 km from the city, for the first time I was passed, coming in the opposite direction, by a fair number of road bike cyclists. However never at any time was it as frantic at Norton Summit on a Spring Saturday.

Have booked into my “boutique” hotel- defined by minimalist futuristic furniture and art nouveau on the walls including of course, the lavatory. It has a wine theme. Each room is named after a wine variety. I am in the “cleanskin” room – obviously they have worked out I am on a budget! Michelle would naturally be in the Moët Room.



A couple of pics of the town square of Tulln


One side of St Stephen’s church Tulln


At the beginning of the last day outskirts of Tulln.



The final day cycle path into Vienna. One can see the first autumnal colours