To Tulln

This was a day in which the rain returned, as well as the men from Spain. We passed each other several times during the day. I have a sneaking suspicion that their navigating skills are as deficient as mine! They are, I think more depressed than I by the weather and seemed to be riding head down from point A to B and not taking in the sights!

The scenery today was quite different from the past 4 days. The track entered the Wachau Valley. Whereas I described riding between fields of corn and sunflowers, today it was vineyards and apple and pear orchards.

If I had to give you a feel for the days riding, it was very similar to riding through “Little Italy” in the Adelaide Hills. The Austrian ride was mostly beside a huge raging river and flat, the Adelaide experience omits the river and adds an occasional incline!

In summary I experienced fluctuating rain with Spain mainly on the plain. (Sorry terrible pun!)
I did not see any other familiar faces on this day.

I rode about 85 km, became mildly disorientated in Krems. I tend to become so, once I enter any substantial town.


A quiet village


I often think I would like a garden like this



The vineyards and orchards


The beginning of Autumn and I grabbed a few beautifully crisp new seasons apples from roadside trees!