Grein to Melk

Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen,
The clouded sky is now serene,
The god of day — the orb of love,
Has hung his ensign high above,
The sky is all ablaze…..”

Words that sadly are not mine, but rather one of the greatest wordsmiths of the English language in the 19th century- Sir William Schwenck Gilbert.

There was a potential catastrophe on today’s ride! I took off my backpack to rummage for the iPhone and take a picture, no big deal, but 10 km later I realized that I had left the backpack by the side of the river! So add an extra 20 km to the day’ s cycle. To my utter relief it was where I had discarded it with passport and credit cards still inside.

I took the ferry across a swollen fast flowing Danube from Grein to the south bank side – by far the better route. I met the 4 Israeli cyclists intermittently as well as the 2 Spanish guys. They were rather forlornly looking about the village square in Ypps. They were looking for food. I indicated the Backerie across the square but they explained they were looking for “meat”! I let that remark pass and shrugged.

By about lunch time I reached Ypps. Again a delightful village

My cycle books states”Ypps has been widely commended for the exemplary efforts to restore and preserve the old Renaissance houses and remaining parts of the city defenses.” I agree whole heartedly. Pictures below to prove it.

Secondly is the church of St Lorenz. Again pictures follow.

Arrived in Melk just as the sky dropped a sudden cloud burst, all over in 15 minutes and sun out again.


This is the picture that is responsible for my leaving my backpack on the river bank!


Yet another “Schloss” by the river!


This health centre sits facing the Danube in Ypps

The professional brass plates listed
Social Workers and
“des Krankenastaltenverbundes …”

I shudder to think what might be the last speciality? A form of electro convulsive therapy perhaps?


The bakery at Ypps. The Spaniards that blighted my life had gone in search of meat.


A streetscape that surely proves this village is worth a visit.


The Catholic Church Ypps. A gay touch. St Lorenz. Constructed around 1500. The gilded alter dates from 1730.


4 thoughts on “Grein to Melk

    • According to Aaron, a German friend who spent a year in Adelaide, there is no one English word that easily translates this one VERY long German word. It means that the establishment is a combination of retirement village, nursing home and hospital all on the one campus. It’s a concept that should be introduced to Australia.

      By the way my favorite German word for which there is no simple single English equivalent is “schadenfreude”!


  1. No form of electro convulsive therapy! Krankenanstaltenverbund is the fusion of hospitals, retirement- and nursing homes. Pretty boring eh?!?! I was thinking about not to reveal that…
    Take care Graham.


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