Prague trinkets

Is there a Czech trashy tourist trinket? The equivalent of the Irish leprechaun stuffed soft toy or the Scandinavian Viking head gear or the Australian stuffed Koala, or even the soft leather pouch used to carry golf balls – appropriately manufactured out of tanned kangaroo scrotum skin and snapped up by startled Japanese golfers, presumably the men, more quickly than one can say “torsion”.

The answer to this rhetorical question is “yes” and as long as it is something in glass or “bohemian” crystal, one can label it a Czech “souvenir”. The most common appears to be the chandelier. It is crystal clear to me that the vast majority, if not all, are glass and perhaps may be described as bohemian, figuratively rather than literally.

Unfortunately, size prohibits me from bringing any of these back as presents – sorry Pamela!