To Brazil

To Brazil – I left Monday morning arrived Tuesday morning.

The day started badly and did not improve. American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Miami delayed by about an hour. We board, then sit strapped in for another 45 minutes as The President lands in Air Force One – which I witness from my window seat.

Eventually with doors closed we sit and sit and sit, till the pilot informs us that we are not allowed to move till all the President’s men have left in their 2 mile motorcade. Possibly as much as another 45mins. As I write this, my scheduled connection to Brasilia is problematic.

We have landed in Miami and to give the pilot his due, we made up quite a bit of time. Connection made. I write this sitting in transit at Miami.

It’s user pays principle in America even in the airline “lounges” where other than percolator coffee and biscuits, one pays for everything else. At SF airport, Internet was ubiquitous and free, at Miami, it’s $4.75 for 30 minutes.

The Miami airport has the same feel and layout as Singapore – a brisk long walk or Skytrain along the concourse but without the frenetic 24 hour shopping, eating and general sense of entertainment! In fact at 11.30 pm (night) it was positively dead!

My blogs may not be daily now as my Internet access is rather problematic now! That could be a good thing for many of you!