The train to Stockholm airport (electric) is travelling at 210 Km/hr! Free WI – lots of Mac book Air around me!

I am constantly fascinated by airports and central train stations. It’s a complex reaction – the size, the human factor, the technology of flight and at train stations a sense also of modern technology but an awareness of the magic of the old steam locomotives. Alain de Botten discussed this more eloquently than I and I empathize with him. Mind you I could not visit or work in them every day!

The SAS pilot said Dublin weather was overcast without “precipitation” – must be pilot speak for “no rain”! Well I am no pilot but when we landed it looked like rain to me! 30 minutes later a brief glimpse of sun. I am pleased its inclement weather today and even tomorrow as I train to Tralee tomorrow as well. More chance of better weather later?

The customs man took my passport read my name and smirked! This I suspect will be the FIRST of a constant similar reaction. … I was correct. The man at the bed and breakfast introduced me to his assembled staff with a fanfare, a sweep of the arms, saying ” and this is…. Graham Norton”!

I have NEVER watched this man’s show apparently he is Irish, a comic – there is a third aspect but I am blowed if I can remember. Anyway I doubt it’s relevant I am not directly Irish, possibly at times mildly funny and there surely the similarity ends?

Train to Tralee then drive to Dingle – great name for a town!

I went and had a pub meal and there was a game on the big screens that looked for all the world like an AFL football match except that the ball was spherical and they used some sort of wooden paddle to belt this ball from one end of the pitch to the other! It looked extremely combative and dangerous. But bugger me if I did not realize after about 20 minutes that they were not males with pony tails, but women!

Walked along the coast – the Irish Sea. To date I have swum in the Mediterranean, paddled in the Baltic and if I get really physical and sweaty on this ride I may well swim in the Irish Sea too!


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