A day trip to Valparaiso

A private tour with driver and guide a young lad called Leonardo, who was fairly knowledgeable with a good grip of the English language. We drove to a winery nearby, which I had some impressive wines. We then drove all the way down to the coast and the town of Valparaiso, which is the second largest city in Chile and was once the major marine port. Its size and significance was reduced significantly by the construction of the Panama Canal. So here follows pictures of this city, which has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, only the old part.

As with all major capital cities, the modern area is same-same world wide, the original settlements are fascinating but sadly in a degree of decay and poor maintenance inversely proportional to the country’s wealth.

Indeed my pictures have all been carefully manipulated to minimise the garbage and graffiti that suffocate footpaths and walls.

The local fishing boats are all painted with the same scheme
At the winery I visited ! I just thought it was a good picture!

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