A world record – biggest double reed orchestra

Quite one of the most memorable and joyful events, to the point of tears, the penultimate concert of the massed double reeds: oboes, cor anglais and bassoons of all ranges.

Being held in Granada, the encore was entirely predictable and appropriate.

It started at 11pm! Yes that is the correct time

2 thoughts on “A world record – biggest double reed orchestra

    • It was the 47th Annual Conference of The International Double Reed Society- think Oboe and bassoon ! I was a registered β€œfamily member β€œ , as I went with a great Adelaide contingent. The massed orchestra was well and truely planned as an attempt to set a new world record for the Guinness book. It was achieved many times over. As an associate registration , I attended the side events: paella received and flamenco dancing classes 😈😈🎢😘


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