Look Dad it’s snowing.

To the a Pole, waking up to this is part of life and the weather’s riches. To a man who loves his sunburnt country, it was rather exciting. To remind you, this was the Tatra Chalet on arrival:

This was the Tatra Chalet at noon today:

Once the snow had ceased I rugged up and walked gingerly into the village

Once there I joined those perambulating along the mall, eventually diving into the warmth of a bakery where I joined in and had a pancake

The next course, to no doubt prepare oneself before venturing outside was the quaint custom of each and every local to finish off with a double scoop of ice cream. I felt it unwise myself.

Still on cuisine, here is the menu for dinner each night at The Chalet

and finally, finally here is the lamb saddle:

2 thoughts on “Look Dad it’s snowing.

  1. Tatra Chalet is the best place to stay in Zakopane according to trip advisor. You (or Peter Andersson) chose well.


  2. Looks a lovely place to stay, and the menu looks a cut above the Polish Weiner dishes we’ve seen.


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