Copenhagen and Environs

After disembarking, I had an extra 3 days in Copenhagen to explore. There is a city walk – well worth it! Once I did that on day 1 , then took the train to the towns of Helsinore and Roskilde respectively on day 2 and 3. Lots of bike tracks, take note.


The shipping port at the point closest to Sweden and sitting there is the castle of Elsinor of Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Is famous as perhaps the second oldest settlement in Denmark with yet another Cathedral where royalty are to this day still buried (only after death) and a glorious interactive Viking museum with huge outdoor displays and workshops of boat building, rope making and rides in replica Viking boats, which necessitates a bit of dipping in the oars.

So I now sit, awaiting transport to the Copenhagen airport and my trip home. Its time! The big question, where to next?

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