Norway Day 1

If you read and understood my frustration with the Reykjavik Airport queues, rest assured the Bergen Train station is almost its’ equal. 

The Bergen station in the rain, still looks impressive

The queue for the train to Voss

Today was bleak! Dark grey clouds, drizzling rain and the air temperature a cool 7 degrees centigrade. This does not deter the average Norwegian male who, as it is officially summer, parades the streets in a T-shirt. Tourists who outnumber the natives by 100 to 1, are immediately discernible by their attire: down jacket, gloves, rain pants and boots, giving the distinct impression of  being Amundsen the famous Norwegian polar explorer, about to set out and reach the South Pole.

room with a view!

The hike day 1

Farmer’s hut – 150 years old

Our “private” dinner in an old farmers barn! Felt a little like Game of Thrones”

One thought on “Norway Day 1

  1. that has to be Goldilocks house…or maybe the witches cottage in Handsel and Gretel ? Spectacular photos of spectacular scenery.


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