Comfort Economy

I sit in the Icelandic Air Lounge, having bypassed yet another check in queue that brought water to my eyes as I entered the departure hall. One elderly couple confirmed that they still had fond memories of the last volcanic eruption which was around the time they had joined the queue. 

Yet again I question why we are encouraged, indeed forced, to check in either on-line or at the ATM-like machines that will very rapidly print luggage tag and boarding pass, only to then be herded into the same inevitable queue, to hand over passport and boarding pass to a living human, seated in front of a computer monitor, who checks all your details for the third if not fourth time.  I hasten to explain that I actually do prefer human contact, but not having to wait so long that by the time I get to the counter, I need to shave.

It is one of the many advantages if not the most useful, of flying Business Class, as the queue melts away, unless, perchance , you have in front of you a young German family with 5 children including twins at the toddle age, grandparents, nanny  and luggage which includes a twin pram, 2 pushers, and ski equipment for every adult and child. 

I am in seat 5F – Icelandic Air “Economy Comfort”. If I had the advertising/marketing account for Icelandic Air, I would NOT have called it “comfort” as it implies that their basic Economy class (coach – for the American readers) is thus “uncomfortable”! 

Last night I attended a delightful concert of Icelandic Folk Songs in the very modern Concert Hall in Reykjavik. A soprano, contralto and pianist. I went with Lena from our Backroads group. It lasted an hour and was very polished and slanted towards the tourist as the songs were all surtitled in English.  

We were supposed to meet up after with some of the Backroads group at a local wine bar, but we were stood up! Mind you it was standing room only when Lena and I arrived around 7:15, …… not my usual “cup of tea”! 

I am now sitting on the fly bus at Bergen, Norway, and about to start another Backroads holiday. If the members of the group I join tomorrow are half as friendly as the Iceland travellers, I will almost certainly have a memorable time! I miss them all already