Day 2 Iceland 

A long arduous hike between two glaciers  in the Vatnajokull National Park was spectacular and unique. The immense size of the glaciers and mountains is almost impossible to convey even if the photos are taken with an iPhone! In one or two shots if you look carefully, a human figure can be discerned- that will help demonstrate the enormity. 

The weather was as changeable as any day in Ireland! So far God has been good, crisp sunny start to the day, at altitude mist and clouds descended in the afternoon with a few spots of rain and condensation. 

The first three pictures are of abandoned huts and homes of an original settlement village perched high on the side of the mountain with an awesome view over the glacial landscape and looking down towards the  Skeioararsandur alluvial plains and the sea.

This is the Svartifoss waterfall. – Black Falls. The black balsic rock columns are recreated by the architect who designed the Cathedral of Reykjavik 


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  1. Graham What spectacular countryside, it looks so lush. How many travelling companions do you have on this trip?

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