Yes…lost on Day 4

How could this happen? Here is the clear signage that marks the trail. It would seem impossible to lose one’s way! But I did.

This is a screen grab of the 2 occasions where I wandered off track ( magnified –  of the offending wayward track!

twice ! and i back tracked on each occasion! it may look trivial to you but it added 7km to the day’

This whole day was rather traumatic mentally as it was hot, involved an altitude  gain of 830 m theoretically but in reality probably about 1100m (adding in the unintended disoriented diversions) . The iPhone app calculated I had climbed 145 storeys! But the main anxiety provoking aspect was that on the most confusing and longest sidetrack, I consumed almost all of my water! This magnified my sense of dehydration suddenly my mouth was very very dry! 

If it were not for the potential for impending death by dehydration and kidney failure, I would have been more relaxed. But here are photos of the alpine lake along the way.

Eventually I backtracked, found the trail and my sense of  doomed dessication dissipated. After another 8km I followed a stream of cool clear water – my potential life saver then around a corner the forest cleared and before me appeared the Hotel Forsthaus Auerhahn a 5 star hotel in a beautiful valley with the now anticipated “wellness centre ” ! I disrobed and headed for the spa, steam sauna, dry sauna, foot soaking tubs and plunge pool!!  In sequence of course.

I had wild boar for dinner and sparkling mineral water! Does you good to have a fling occasionally 

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