Gouda to Utreck

Another day that continuously threatened rain, but did not! But there was a ray of sunshine as our luggage was waiting for us at the hotel Malie, Utreck! 

The day’s cycling was quite enjoyable as it remained rain free and the moderate wind seemed mostly to be from behind or at worst, a cross wind! Meandering through villages with canals running parallel to the streets and lush green fields with contented cud chewing cows! 

the sea scouts boats!

the family boat parked at the front gate

Some shots of a village where we stopped for coffee and I purchased a waterproof BBB bike holder attachment and case for the iPhone – which has been exceedingly accurately and useful for GPS navigation using maps.me app! Get it ! Better than the Garmin

Thence to Utreck where around 4:30 the rain came! In buckets! Then cleared as quickly as it started! Utreck is a University town – here the students seem to boat rather rowdly along the canals, a far cry from a Cambridge punt.