Lisbon – York House 

My accommodation in Lisbon is the York House. It describes itself as an historic hotel, once an old Carmelite convent dated from the 17th century. there is stone staircase leading up to to a garden terrace.
There is NO lift access so one has to bear ones suitcase, cross like up more than 43 steps! They will send a man down upon request. My reading of TripAdvisor suggests it was a somewhat mediocre, dark, musty, and ant infested establishment until a change of ownership about a year or so ago! 

only 27 steps to go!


the courtyard


how many men have knocked at this door a few centuries ago !?

I fantasise as I walk up the wooden staircase and the corridor to my room, what stories and events these dormitory like rooms and hallways have to tell!

The conference these past two days has been moderately enjoyable and stimulating. One of the more impressive presentations was given by the physician who is the Portuguese representative on the Cochrane Database Organisation! Lots of food for thought and insights that reinforced my own opinions and approaches to the interface between EBM (evidence based medicine) and the application in clinical practice  



a Portuguese Hawkers Corner

A few pictures of  Lisbon