Sabugal to Monsanto.

What a day! I think this is the best so far – a long day of almost 70km and ascending over the day 1200m until my final destination, Monsanto at 820m. Now when I state the “best” I mean that it was the “best ” in terms of hard work, aching thighs, fluctuating breathless and tortuous climbs! Why is it that the last 10km of ALL rides is agonisingly slow taking forever and the final destination is never around the next corner unless it involves a climb of 450m at an average incline of 9%? 

There is no doubt that pushing my loaded bike up such inclines has been a significant workout! The road to Monsanto was horrendous sometimes my Garmin claiming the incline was 14%… I was pushing and walking!

The village is absolutely incredible and I have fortuitously factored in a rest day at Monsanto tomorrow before the last leg. I am staying at the Taverna Lusitana, which has, obviously, accommodation as well! I have an individual “unit” built out of granite and it is quite special! I am sitting on the outside porch of the Taverna and feel like I am on the roof of the world. It faintly reminds me of the trek in Nepal all those years ago. The panorama is breathtaking, a crisp wind and clear blue sky. The sunset should be spectacular.

After setting out from Sabugal there was another historical village – Sortelha for which I have a separate blog post.


that “pimple” on the hill is my destination for the night!


eucalytpus trees are everywhere . almost a pest i suspect

There follows several pictures of the oldest “intact” Portuguese medieval village of Monsanto :

Including amazing panoramas ftom the hotel terrace


the terrace balcony of the hotel


the inevitable castle at the very top of the hill


my “suite” is the granite building straight ahead with the brown door




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