Is another delightful quaint town with an almost intact fortress the walls of which from above look like a huge octagon all surrounded by an equally complex moat. 


There is inside the walls a secure village of narrow  cobbled streets marred by the the motor car which is ubiquitous indeed omnipotent. At least the streets are so narrow that our tank like Jeeps ( why they are called “off road” stumps me) would not sqeeze through the front gate or even gain entry by the back door. This observation goes a long way to explaining why Europeans outside the big cities choose a small Fiat or Renault. But as they advance upon you along these cobbled streets the noise is terrifying convincing you they are approaching at more than 100km/ hr

Again getting these vehicles permanently out of such ancient sites is surely vital. 


the grand gate to the unique medieval Fortress of Almeida



my carbohydrate meal. best described as a Portuguese pie floater! its a bread sandwich with meat , smoked sausage, ham with a fried egg on top swimmjng in gravy ! best eaten with a cold beer

Yesterday was Saturday and I stumbled across a group of local residents at war games. It was quite a spectacular performace with dummy cannon explosives. There was the obvious commander looking for all the world like Napoleon Bonaparte although so unpolished was the marching and general running to and fro, that all I could conjure up in my mind was Dad’s Army and Captain Mannwearing!

Could this be Little Buttercup ? she woukd either shoot you or suffocate you to death