Its proximity to the Spanish border means that this whole area of the Beira region is dotted with fortifications and hilltop villages, and Guarda is no exception. Indeed its very name is an indication of its ‘guarding’ role. It served its purpose well under the Duke of Wellington against the French in the Peninsular War of the 1800s. The highest town in Portugal, at over 1000 metres above sea level, its defending walls were put in place by the 12th century King Sancho I and much still remains to be seen today, including three original portals. Its location has also earned it the reputation of being one of the coldest towns in the country, its most famous son, the poet Augusto Gil, famously describing the arrival of snow in his poem ‘Luar de Janeiro’.”
Above is a cut and paste from Google and I make no apologies as it succinctly summarises the feel of the village which is my starting point. I ask that you especially note it is the highest town in Portugal and thus not surprising the coldest! The weather is superb. A clear sunny day the temperature st 7:30am 1 degree above freezing! The breakfast was simple and as much you can eat.

there was more !


its Kellogg codnflakes or nothing

From the Luxury hotels I return to my  roots and simple accommodation and local food. Indeed for dinner in Guarda I had an omelette with toast, a glass of rough red and a sort of flat white for 3 euro total!!!

Some pictures of Guarda 


Spain is the top wind energy county . one may have a philosophical discussion about the literally thousands of wind turbines




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