Hot Chocolate!

Now if I were to ask you what the “bestest, bestest” hot chocolate was you would describe a steaming hot glass of rich full cream milk and a huge layer of chocolate, some froth and a pink (or white) marshmallow… 
Not so in Porto Portugal! Here  it is a cup of pure molten chocolate! To make it sublime add a Portguese Tart…. 


Give me a Portuguese Tart over a Ruby Port any day 

2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate!

  1. Sally
    As if a friend of Graham’s would make indelicate comments about having a Portugese Tart over a Ruby Port.
    That would be like asking who was on top and who was having the better time. Or the “best time” if a threesome – one must use inclusive language in the 21st century.
    I can think of no one who would stoop so such vulgarity.


  2. I await pithy comments from your friends about your liking of Portuguese Tarts ! I am off to to Temora this weekend…will send report.


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