The bus station at Salamanca 

I sit in the Cafe of the main bus station it is almost noon. Already travellers breast the bar drinking wine and eating Tapas. Its an endearing custom across Europe and one which has not taken off in Australia much less Adelaide unless the more knowledgeable amongst you can prove me wrong? Not that I would breast a bar at noon. 

I was enchanted with Salamanca – in exactly the same way I was with Lecce in Italy. Both are inspiring towns of sandstone buildings the architecture being predominantly Baroque or Renaissance in style. These UNESCO proclaimed towns are now pedestrian oases surrounded on the outskirts by their high rise offices and apartments, where obviously the motor car rules supreme.

The beautiful buildings are either churches, palaces, university buildings or student residences. I can’t recommend these destinations highly enough. 

The Palace of Monterey

House of Shells to the right. .. A Jesuit seminary part of the university on the left


the crypt in the old cathedral … where I chatted to the Seminarian


the caption over the door ?


the square in front of the university

The original settlement occurred about 90BC. Celts apparently then naturally the Romans imvaded and there are ancient ruins attesting to the occupation including a spectacular bridge spanning the river which is in excellent condition to this day! Rugged up against the wind, the locals perambulate along the river and across the bridge.

the ancient Roman bridge intact and usable after 2000 years

Does Spain appear to be in the economic doldrums? Apparently not! At least in Madrid and Salamanca. It was my same perception in Athens last year! It is a food and alcohol led recovery.
The bus to Porto is about to depart!