Let’s get the food pics out of the way 

 I am staying at the Hotel Don Gregorio a refurbished palace. Here is the bedroom 

Surely fit for a King?        (Or Dr Kiley)

(Demeaning comments that amount  to slander or defamation of gender will not be tolerated on this blog).

And the breakfast offering ftom 8am till 10am. It is 8:45 and I am the only guest so far!


The one drawback of these tables groaning  with food is that whilst one would normally  have a healthy choice at home , the pull of the pastries is unstoppable. A bowl of fresh fruit is rationalised into the justification for not one, not two but several serves of glazed patisseries! “I will walk it off” I further  argue… And I  never lose an argument with myself!

In case you think I jest, my trusty phone records my daily average since arriving at 15 km a day! 

The concierge at the hotel in Madrid said that Salamanca was the place for tapas. So I fought off the pull of the mattress to stay awake till the Trip Advisor highly rated restaurant  Vinodiario opened at 20:00 hours. 


That is smoked cod with peppercorn “marmalade” and truffle infused olive oil! How do I know it was infused?  Because on waking around 6 am this morning in my Egyptian cotton sheets (1200 threads) I realised that I exuded a rather fungus tainted  sweat. Its one of the few advantages es of the solo traveller.


3 thoughts on “Let’s get the food pics out of the way 

  1. Enjoy your 5 (or is it 6?) star accommodation, as you will need to adjust to 3 star in Holland slumming it with us.

    Looks magnificent!

    Pamela >


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