Carbon Neutral?

After I suspect 10 years, my faithful OLMO  road bike began to make disconcerting noises which I had great difficulty in localising. Well intentioned friends and cycling buddies made helpful comments whilst others were downright rude suggesting that I should move from carbon to titanium. Eventually I dropped the bike into my favourite repair shop and Pete said he would fix it for me. A few days later I received an email telling me that the Zip 300 carbon wheels were cracked, the tubular tyres were at the point of falling off and he was fearful of the stability and said that I should not ride it at all until fixed. After much negotiation and again helpful and unhelpful comments from friends about what to do, I invested in a new set of carbon wheels made by”Curve” with “Tune” hubs.


I have now had to rise both up Norton summit and down again and another one across the usual Cycle track to Belair and then down the freeway. It goes like a rocket and is extremely stable even at speed on the descent down the freeway although I am by nature extremely conservative but I certainly felt reasonably safe.


I will not disclose the cost, It was substantial although well worth the investment and it is my only vice.