Swimmers take your mark 

Bloody European Wasps…everywhere. Worse than the Australian bush fly.

It’s 7:30 Monday morning. After a briefing last night and a group dinner, we are organised for breakfast in an hour then off to the boat. Today we are observed in the water and grouped into 3 according to skill. As well we are to be video recorder as we demonstrate our natal prowess and later analysed. I have a sense I will be able to cope. There is a delightful guy from the states who has an unusual disabling arthritis that has frozen his elbows in permanent flexion. In other words bent! He can do nothing else but breaststroke… Or lie on his back. It sounds horrific and daunting but amazingly he swims breaststroke 1.8km ( a mile to him) twice a week. People who know me would immediately know that if Kathy our coach was the Lord High Executioner then an appropriate punishment to fit the crime for me would be to breaststroke a mile.!

Again a few pics of our base for the next week….by the way we are all going on a bike ride tonight upon our return.

view from the bedroom windows


path from my unit to pool and dining room area


dawn scross the bay .


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  1. So, you are underway, or should I say underwater. I shall have to get my breast stroke up to speed before the next swim in Crete!



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