Not another ancient ruin!

My final day in Kusadasi was again a private tour and again with Adam who again stressed me out considerably as he cruised along in his 3 cylinder Fiat with left hand on the wheel and the right alternating between phone and gear knob.
As an aside and for those of you who are travelling to Turkey, as I create this blog at breakfast on my first morning in Istanbul,you may find it useful to learn that with respect to the shakers, salt comes out of the pot with 3 holes and pepper out of the 1 hole pot. I have notified Trip Advisor as well.

But back to Adam! The day was of 600km round trip almost to Pamukkale the renowned mineral Springs. We passed them by as I had been there 40 years ago and in geological terms not much had changed other than the sensitive recreation of an ancient McDonald’s unearthed by archaeologists 30 years ago. The restoration has been very faithfully carried out even down to the menu with one understandable change as the ancient Greco-Roman hamburgers were made with minced bull’s testicle. 

Our destinations were the cities of Aphrodisias and Laodiceia the latter on a hilltop 10 km from Pamukkale which was clearly visible.

Both these ancient cities are off the beaten track and are not as well known as Ephesus. Saint Paul as any Christian worth his catechism would tell you, wrote a letter to the Ephesians telling them to mend their ways or else. I don’t think any disciple wrote to the Aphrodisiacs…. But they should have! 

Both are being impressively explored archaeologically and restored by the state with international support. 

So I had 2 full days of exploring ancient Greek and Roman cities and temples. I can hear Terry Deboo complaining ” not another bloody temple and Ionic column!”
Again rather than use words here are a few pictures. 

a gate entrance at Aphrodisias


life like tanned Gladiator standing guard at the gate

Victorious Gladiator in the stadium. has just sprinted the 400 m around the track whilst being chased by raging lions


the amphitheatre at Aphrodisias


Syrian Street in Laodiceia because it runs in the direction of Syria !


spectacular row of columns at Laodiceia … incidental bridal party !

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