Stretched pictures solved.

I am aware that in the several posts to my blog whilst travelling in the last three weeks, that many of the photographs particularly those which were taken in portrait mode were inexplicably elongating to the point of being irritating and worthless to view! I think I have solved the problem and by redesigning the site and using a more simple template it would appear that the issue is resolved! Have a review and tell me if it has not rectified the problem. I’m now safely back in Australia and return to work with a vengeance! Summer swimming has ceased and so I will probably be cycling more frequently and perhaps getting to the gym once or twice a week.


To my disappointment, a new production of one of my favourite musicals was about to open in London the week after I left! If it is in London now there is the possibility that hopefully it will appear in Australia in the next few months or at least during this year or possibly next. Many of my readers might be fascinated to learn or to see me playing the recorder especially as it seems to occupy a significant part of my blogs and whether I’m playing in the toilet or the gymnasium of the hotel, I think I’m slowly improving! Hopefully in the next few weeks I can upload a video of my musical endeavours! Now that I’m back in Australia unfortunately the frequency of my blogging will decrease but there is the tantalising prospect of further holidays in September when I will be going to Istanbul and then joining a swim trek around the Greek islands for a week! Then cycle down around the south of Italy!    If you want to join me, start training!

The one thing which was rather silly was I miscalculated the weather in Britain and I became seriously cold when visiting my cousin in Newcastle., Silly me I assume that as it was Spring……

A poster from WW I Part of the new display of Music of the Great War at the Royal Academy of Music

A poster from WW I Part of the new display of Music of the Great War at the Royal Academy of Music

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