A Musician in the Gym

An American woman, I would estimate in her early 50’s (although Botulinum is not known as a ‘toxin’ for nothing) enters the hotel gym. I was until then alone, saddled on a cycle machine, with my sheet music on the computer screen, an excellent music stand. Rather than climbing the virtual Pyrenees, I am scaling C major. The America, with rather tight leotards and face to boot, encourages me to continue. I decide that it would be better to attempt a recognisable tune, rather than scales, and launch into ‘Greensleeves’.  I finish with a flourish and I do confess with a slight degree of satisfaction as I played it rather well. This was confirmed by the sole member of my captive audience who exclaimed breathlessly “that was beauooooootiful!” Pausing to take a mouthful of Spring Water, she enquired if I was a “professional musician?” No, she was serious! Demurely I said no I was simply learning to keep my brain active. I was on a roll here so I said of course that was “Greensleeves”.  Yes she said……. its a wonderful Christmas Carol. Feeling rather Peter Sellarish, I then ventured that it was composed by King Henry V111. Now that you mention it she said, as she picked up speed, I do recall that. He was very talented wasn’t he. This being more of a statement than a question. By now I quickly realised that I could safely return to my scales, the Adagio from the Mozart Clarinet concerto, my signature piece, would fall on deaf ears.

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